Whether you are entertaining at home, your catering business, or the restaurant you run, this time of year you want to know that you have every edge to ensure an efficient, enjoyable kitchen, regardless of where it is.

The problem here is that some kitchens aren’t equipped with enough equipment to truly make food preparation for the whole meal as quick as possible. These categories or counter top equipment are often underrepresented in any kitchen and can help clear the log jam of items from the oven or stove-top.

Countertop, Countertop, Countertop

Counter top griddles can help clear space from your stove top or burner space. Prepping breakfast? These, like the Vollrath 40840 Cayenne Gas Flat Top Griddle, can handle anything from eggs, to pancakes.

Counter top Rotisseries can do the same for your oven. For a dinner where you’re serving chicken for instance, a countertop rotisserie can free up space in your oven for sides, casseroles, and more. The same can also be said for countertop convection ovens like the Vollrath Prima Pro Convection Oven.

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