Actually, they’re all tough. Cambro makes tough servers for nearly every purpose in food service. After reading a bit more on just how tough these containers are, we felt the need to share. One situation, a customer named Chris gave his account of when their Cambro took a 25 foot free-fall:

“When I was in the Army in Germany we
were offloading supplies and had to do it
quickly. Our Cambro took about a 25 foot
free fall and we figured it was dead. About
4 hours later we opened it only to learn
that all our food was ok and still hot!”
Chris Baker

Or even the time the health department saw one of Cambro’s hand washing stations and decided that was all they had to see:

“We were doing our local business
expo and the Health Department
came by our booth. They were
impressed with our setup, including
your Cambro hand washing station.
He said he would skip us and go to
someone that needed an inspection!”

Cambro containers always impress, whether it is finding out just how tough they are, or how good a reputation they have in food service and safety. Cambro containers have the respect of everyone, not just the food service industry. This time of year, our customers are loading up on Cambro Camtainers for safe, rugged beverage serving. Take advantage by saving up to 15% on these at Cook’s Direct by using code BEVERAGE15 before May 31st!