Choosing a commercial freezer can be daunting. Now that we have looked at how to select a commercial freezer, it is important to go over the must-ask questions to ensure your choice was ideal.

Q1 What will the freezer be used for?

May help you determine what type and capacity unit they need: one-door, two-door, three-door, undercounter, ¾ height, glass-door, sliding-door, half-door, pass-through, roll-in.

Q2 How cost conscious are you?

Helps you determine whether your customer is a potential spec line or value line shopper, and whether they may be interested in upgrades and options like stainless steel interior, digital exterior temperature monitoring, cam-lift hinges, special shelving, door locks, etc.

Q3 Where will it be located?

Gives you an idea about possible size limitations and about the environment so you can help choose between top mounted or bottom mounted units. Generally, top mount are preferred in cooler areas or areas where dust and flour could clog condenser coils at floor level. Bottom mount units are generally preferred in hot, smoky areas because both heat and smoke rise and the air is cooler and cleaner at floor level.

After you know what the freezer will be used for, your budget/requirements, and the location for you new freezer, you will have the most important questions answered pertaining to your new freezer.