Globe Countertop GF15G Natural Gas Fryer v. Frymaster MJCF-SD Open-Pot Gas Fryer

These days it seems like we are more divided then ever. Right versus left, dots versus stripes, up versus down. But there is one thing everyone can agree on—french fries are awesome. The average American eats about 29 pounds of french fries in a year. I can safely say that this is an area where I am well above average. But the point is, you love giving your customers what they want and the people want french fries! So, if you haven’t already, it’s probably time to invest in or upgrade your fryer. The options can be a little overwhelming, but I’m going to break down two popular types, tube and open pot, so we can get you the perfect commercial fryer.


Tube Fryers

First up are tube fryers. They get their name because the tube-shaped heating element is permanently fixed in the bottom of the fryer vat. They’re great if you’re frying up big batches of fish, chicken or other freshly battered food items, but can also handle smaller pre-breaded items like cheese sticks and hashbrowns. Both tube and open pot fryers have a “cold zone” or “sediment zone” that stays cooler so that crumbs don’t scorch and ruin the oil. In tube models this area is nearly the entirely bottom of the fryer vat. This keeps the oil fresher for a longer period of time.


You’re probably thinking, “Tube fryers are where it’s at!” There are some drawbacks that need to be considered. Because the tube permanently in the vat, these are more difficult and time consuming to clean. Also, tube fryers really excel at large quantities. So, if you’re not frequently making a bunch of fried chicken, onion blossoms, or corn dogs, this might not be your fryer.

Globe Countertop GF15G Natural Gas Fryer

“I’m still down with tube fryers!” I love your enthusiasm. Let’s take a look at one of our favorites, the Globe Countertop GF15G Natural Gas Fryer. Don’t let the fact that this guy sits on the countertop fool you, this fryer is a heavy-duty powerhouse made to handle onion rings, chicken, fish, shrimp, donuts and, of course, french fries. Ideal for the commercial kitchen looking to add a variety of deep fried food to the menu, but may not have the space available for a floor model fryer. Available in either 15 pound or 30 pound capacities, the Globe GF15G has stainless steel double wall construction, Robert Shaw™ snap-action thermostats, and heavy-duty nickel-plated fry baskets with insulated handles. If you’re a french fry lover, brace yourself for this next part. Some deep fryer manufacturers measure their output in french fry production. The 30 pound GF15G has the ability to make 40-50 pounds of french fries per hour. That’s some serious french fry action.


Open Pot Fryers

Maybe you’re thinking, “All this commercial tube fryer information has really enriched my life in ways I can’t quite explain. However, I’m still not convinced that a tube fryer is right for me. Is there anything else the commercial fryer industry can offer me?” Why, yes there is! I’m so glad you asked. Let’s meet the open pot fryers. Remember how tube fryers got their name because tube shaped heating elements at the bottom of the vat? Well, ‘open pot’ refers to the heating element being either outside of the vat or a movable ribbon inside the vat. In this type of fryer, the “cold zone” is a narrow trough at the bottom. They are geared towards commercial operations that are frying up more lightly breaded items like jalapeno poppers and chicken wings. Additionally, with their either external or movable heating element, open pot fryers are way easier to clean.


Frymaster MJCF-SD Open-Pot Gas Fryer

Just because the open pot isn’t meant for heavily breaded items doesn’t mean it’s not heavy duty fryer. Quite the opposite. The Frymaster MJCF-SD Open Pot Gas Fryer holds up to 80 pounds of oil, two fry baskets, boasts 150,000 BTUs and a deep cold zone to keep crumb fallout from contaminating the fry zone. Oh and get this, the master jet burner requires no cleaning or air shutter adjustment! “No cleaning required” are probably my favorite three words and I’m willing to bet they’re in your top 10, too. The MJCF-SD utilizes a centerline thermostat that quickly senses food’s temperature in either basket and the exclusive 1° Action Thermostat anticipates large increases in temperature resulting in more evenly cooked food. While I have no info on how many fries it can cook in an hour, I’m assuming the results would make fry lovers everywhere weep with joy.


There you have it, all the deep fried goodness you need to make an informed decision about which type of fryer your commercial kitchen needs. Please visit us over at where we’ve got not only the Globe Countertop GF15G Natural Gas Fryer and Frymaster MJCF-SD Open-Pot Gas Fryer, but dozens of other models to choose from and tons of accessories to make sure you and your commercial fryer have many happy years together!