Last month we discussed how counter top equipment can make cooking for events or large groups more efficient by way of diversifying how you cook your dishes. What we wanted to talk more about this month is how you can save time utilizing counter top equipment like charbroilers, griddles and more.

Design your own kitchen (sort of)

Unfortunately sometimes we are limited by kitchen layout. Counter top equipment can close this gap. Say you prep steak that needs to be broiled, but then your menu item calls for that item to be in a melt. Instead of worrying about transporting the meat to wherever your oven may be, you can simply have your charbroiler placed next to or near your oven. Whatever works for your menu and makes your kitchen more efficient.

Save on preheat/cook time

Not only can counter top equipment for your kitchen close the literal gap from machine to machine, it can do wonders for operating time of your units. Since counter top units are typically much smaller than installed units, preheat time is a fraction. This is ideal for one-off orders and kitchens where energy-use is extra important and pivotal to monitor.