Did you know that the average person has an attention span of 8 seconds? In other words, if you want to hold someone’s attention, better make it quick and easy. That’s what makes the HACCP color coding system so brilliant. Unfamiliar with HACCP? It stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and is a preventative approach to food safety from farm to fork. It requires a walk through of the entire food-handling process, identification of all possible contamination points, and then putting in place preventative measures to guarantee food safety. It still sounds complex (it was created by NASA, after all), but it’s fairly straight forward. It covers simple things like, temperature control, proper hand washing, and elimination of cross contamination like mixing raw poultry and veggies. Just in case it still seems complicated, there are a variety of color coded restaurant supplies available to support a HACCP program.

Here are some of our favorites:

Edlund’s Color-Coded Knife Inserts, Epicurean’s Color Coded Cutting Boards, Carlisle Professional Board and Brush Set and Cooper Atkin’s HAACP Temperature Manager. The color coding makes it so easy for you and your staff, to organize your kitchen’s prep station utensils and food storage.

There are six different colors in the standard HACCP system:

Unprepared foods

Yellow for poultry

Red for meat

Green for produce

Blue for seafood

Prepared foods

Tan for cooked meats

White for dairy and cheeses

You probably could have guessed what those colors meant and been right. And that’s what makes it easy enough for even kitchen novices to follow.

So you’re probably all jazzed up about adding it to your kitchen, right? Well, you are in luck, because we’ve got all kinds of products to make implementing HACCP protocols a no-brainer. San Jamar has a great cutting board set and comes with a handy chart to help your staff, plus Carlisle’s color-coded food storage boxes, color-coded cutting board brushes, and even colored squeegees and colored handles for use with brooms and mops. San Jamar’s great color-coded Saf-T-Grip cutting boards would go perfect with the Millennia Primary 4 colored handled knives from Mercer Cutlery. Not to mention color-coded tongs from Thunder Group, color-coded dough scrapers from Remco and ISI’s color-coded basting brushes.