The following instructions come from Matfer Bourgeat, and can be used as a guideline for seasoning your Matfer Bourgeat Frying Pan, as well as other carbon steel skillets/pans.

It is important to season your fry pan before the first use for longer life and the best results in your cooking. Seasoning ensures the cooking surface will be non-stick.

    1. Place your frying pan under hot running water for a few minutes to remove what remains of the protection layer, cleaning with a soft brush if necessary.
How To Season Your Carbon Frying Pan
Wipe out with a soft brush or sponge if needed.
    1. Thoroughly dry your new frying pan.
    2. In your new pan, fry in a portion of oil, slices of sprinkled potatoes and a large portion of salt for a few minutes.
How To Season Your Carbon Frying Pan
Wipe out with a paper towel.
  1. Discard the contents of your pan.
  2. Briefly, reheat your frying pan with a little oil, remove from heat and wipe with paper.
  3. You’re now ready to cook with your new pan.

After each use:

  1. Wipe with paper or if necessary, rinse under hot running water.
  2. Clean without dish washing liquid.

    How To Season Your Carbon Frying Pan
    Don’t use dish soap for your Matfer Bourgeat frying pan.
  3. Dry and re-grease lightly.