So you are thinking of buying a cheese melter for your business? This is a great way to maximize the experience of Mexican dishes, sandwiches, and is also very practical for fast-food chains. Here is what you need to know to ensure you buy the best one for your business.

What products are you trying to melt, finish, or cook?

Helps you determine whether a cheesemelter, a product specific “finisher”, or a salamander broiler is really needed.

What electrical service do you have available at location of usage?

Helps you select a model that is compatible with the existing electrical service.

Do you have room under an existing hood for this unit?

Helps you determine whether the customer has available counter space beneath an existing hood for a counter top unit, or whether they need a unit that mounts on the wall above their existing range.

More Facts to Consider

Cheesemelters typically feature an oven style rack with a crumb tray and are available in countertop models like the Vollrath 40700 Cayenne Electric Countertop Cheese Melter, or wall mount models installed above and to the rear of a range.
Cheesemelters differ from salamander broilers. A salamander typically operates at a higher BTU output, has a grill type cooking surface and a grease tray. Salamanders are designed for broiling meats and fish.
Many manufacturers are making high-performance cheesemelters or “finishers,” that can operate at very high temperatures, and provide heat from both above and below. Some feature energy saving actuators that automatically turn heating elements on or off when product is inserted or removed from the unit.
Growing in popularity are product specific finishers. These often feature individual cooking bays that are completely enclosed during operation, and are designed primarily to thermalize fast food such as subs, sandwiches, small pizzas, and other take-out items.