This is the time of year your dining room can be turned into a banquet hall. We all know the scene, one knock at the door and suddenly you have your entire holiday party under the same roof as you. Whether or not they are staying with you, you are going to have to feed them. You got it, you have a head count, now is the time to eat. Want to know where catering companies run into issues? Clean-up. Especially when you are not equipped with a professional 3-tier sink, this can be increasingly difficult.

So how does someone combat this nightmare cleanup scenario? Disposable catering buffet kits! They not only include the chafers & heating elements but utensils, water pans, everything you need to serve your holiday guests.

Visit and shoot over to the Party Essentials 33-Piece Buffet Kit to get you cheat code for this holiday season.

What’s your favorite Holiday cheat code?