Carlisle’s new Coldmaster® CoolCheck™ food pans add a whole new level of food safety to your operation. These pans feature patent-pending, color-changing technology. They allow foodservice operators to quickly see when food temperatures are no longer safe. Pans actually turn blue when temperatures are safe. When all of the blue is completely gone, the food has entered the danger zone. Operators and quality control managers are quickly alerted to food safety risks on the food line.

Carlisle’s Coldmaster system eliminates the inconvenience and mess of ice, as well as reduces the potential for bacteria. With one overnight charge in the freezer, Coldmaster maintains ServSafe guidelines of 40°F for up to 8 hours. These FDA approved, dishwasher safe pans are designed to add simplicity and safety to your operation.
Eliminate the guessing game when it comes to food safety.

The Carlisle Coldmaster CoolCheck comes in a variety of sizes, all of which are 6″ deep, including full, half, third, and sixth-size food pans. For more on the Carlisle Coldmaster CoolCheck.