Choosing a pizza oven for your food service facility can be a daunting task. At first glance you may think you need a stone deck oven but depending on your expertise, volume, and existing equipment your money could be better spent elsewhere.

Q: What are you cooking in your pizza oven?
Helps you understand if they need a high end stone deck pizza oven, or merely a traditional nickel plated steel deck oven.
Q: What volume of food are you cooking?
Helps you determine the size and number of decks they may need or if a countertop pizza oven would suffice.
Q: Do you have a skilled Pizza Chef?
A traditional deck oven may provide better results for less skilled users.
Q: Do you have space under an appropriately rated hood?
Helps you understand whether they have the room and properly rated hood.
Q: What utilities are on site?
Helps you determine whether additional gas or electric utilities will be needed.